Sunday, October 16, 2011

calendar work in progress: kane and castalia.

revisiting certain moments makes me nostalgic *_*
how about you?

So how is the sound hunt going? Did you find an actor or a voice actor whose voice inspire you?

Do you want me to start with who I have in mind? XDDD
Not fair, I already proposed the shallalas!

Anyways... the semester starts tomorrow. I had ordered art supplies with the school two weeks before I left for Italy... 5 weeks after I still haven't received anything but a lot of paperwork and not in the efficient way because the whole purchase system has changed.

But this reinforce my theory that laws and rules should not be retroactive except in extreme cases.

Happy sunday everyone today I will: clean the kitchen, sweep my floor, do another laundry, prepare the next update fixing all the typos.

By the way if you are an ipad user and you like this apps called Flipboard you can follow the blog and the comic via filpboard as well.
I am still trying to device an ideal way to show up on smart phones and tablets.
Very very soon I will.

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Lauand said...

Ooooooh, I love all the pics for the calendar so far! And I like revisiting certain moments, nostalgy isn't that bad a feeling, is it? (Especially when things aren't lost, just a bit changed.)

Good luck with the art supplies (burocracy is hell)!