Friday, October 21, 2011

calendar work in progress... Pifo and Rose.

I did mention I had something in mind for Rose as well. I wanted to draw something dainty but sexy so here she is... I love Rose she's round and has big eyes with long lashes.
So for Pifo's world I am more into the previous Pif' for the simple reason that it gives out a very cool silhouette, almost like an ink spot. Eventually I had to put the "I don't enjoy coVn" one because it's a crucial moment in Pifo's life! Ha ha ha.
But we'll see maybe I'll draw more of Pifo as an adult like he is now, on the first page of chapter 17 (so cuuute!) XDDD


Vulpini said...

Is...Rose supposed to be Rose from Titanic? That's really epic. xD

Lauand said...

Oh, Rose, you sexy, sexy cow!!