Saturday, October 22, 2011

Martin's voice: submission 1

I interrupt the posting of the sketches for the calendar (although I still have a lot to show because I am working on the like crazy) to post here the first submission for the voice contest.

I will embed the video for now although, we know, internet changes fast so hopefully you all can see it before it disappears or moves:

This submission comes from ~tiffc she posted the link on Deviant Art and says: "Alright, this is a long shot but I thought I would try this: [link] 1:22-1:27 for Martin? xD "

The voice she picked has a name Sergio Tedesco, famous italian voice actor, worked in theater and was also a very good tenor.
He was also Katsushiro's voice in the Italian version of 7 Samurai!
Eventually moved on to dub Pat Morita in the Karate Kid movies.
He was also Gus Gus in Cinderella!

Quite talented.

So... Sergio Tedesco as Martin. Official submission n.1!

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