Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back cover test and new game

Alright so... scanning gold leaf is not the best solution. I'll try and take a picture later.

I have finally updated the calendar until november 16th, that is when chapter 16 ends... hence the volume ends too. Can you believe this? Only a few more months and this story will be over. O_o

But in the meantime have you give a thought about the musical/voice game?
Whose voice do you think of, what voice resounds in your head when you read this comic? Harrison Ford? Vittorio Gassman? XDD

I have to be honest when I draw the Shallalas I keep hearing in my head the voices of the little Ururu Sarara (have you ever seen a Daikin commercial?) they are soooo cute! Big fan! Big fan!


Joanna said...

Wait... The volume will be over... Right? Not the story, not "The Pirate Balthasar"?, right? RIGHT?! o.0

Mallory Lynn said...

I like to imagine Roger Craig Smith, the voice of Ezio from Assassin's Creed.

dedasaur said...

No no, don't worry, the main story ends with volume 6 and after that there are many specials.

dedasaur said...

Roger Craig Smith... first nomination. For which one of the characters?

Vulpini said...

I nominate Crispin Freeman for the voice of Kane! For those who have no idea who he is, you gotta look him up. Delicious.