Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Final Curiosities for Chapter 15

This final pages only have one main curiosity: the doctor shouting "help" in Finnish.

At this point of the story where these guys come from and what they have been through should be quite clear even though I never fully explained their background in details... I play on your ability to use induction instead of the usual deduction method (that is also rather misleading and brings to assumptions rather than conclusions).

This chapter was quite tough to unravel: it's about assumptions.

I admit it, I am a big enemy of assumptions. When somebody tells me "I just assumed" I want to slap them in the face... usually I either get in trouble or my life will turn into a living Hell for a couple of weeks.

I'd rather have people ask me first or at least gather enough informations before coming to a conclusion.

Usually that happens for lost ability to focus or laziness - very often that will force me to work twice as much to fix the problem - because instead of thinking backward, using induction, searching for the source at its start people uses what is immediate and recent and therefore come up with their own solution... by using deduction.

What's the difference between deduction and induction? Deduction works like this: it rains, the floor will be wet. Induction works like this: the floor is wet, it must have rained.

In short what Sherlock Holmes uses is an induction, not a deduction: elementary my dear Watson. :D

Add on top that most of the times when you point out the fact that the deduction is actually damaging you I often hear this answer: gee, I was trying to do you a favor.

Now, some people are quite transparent and state what they want. I am like that. But I swear that whatever I sad for the first 26 years of my life must have been in Turkish Ottoman because for the sake of my future and many other things my life was complicated and turned into a nightmare. Hence with the best intention the worst damages were procured.

After that I decided to remove myself from all the people who wanted to do me a favor and my favorite line became: do me a favor, don't do me a favor!
I have been living by myself since I was 17, found true independence only at 25. It was hard.

So since this is a theme so dear to me I wanted to put it in the comic. Translate it in the lives of our pirate friends, and show just how much troublesome altruism can be when it does not meet the other person's demand.

I wonder if anything like that happened to you as well.

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Joanna said...

Something even worst happened to me: even when I said "no", people did what I didn't ask for, saying that I looked sad when I said no, which made them assume that I really meant "yes"! It's so disrespectful!!! And then they would stay mad at me because I was such an ungrateful brat! Man, I didn't ask for nothing, you were the one who made such assumption!
So, yeah... I makes me mad but, like you, I removed myself from all those people and now I'm quite happy, because this separation helped me grow-up, it was quite cathartic 8)