Sunday, October 02, 2011

A canonical beauty.

If anybody wanted to know where the Balthasars' good looks come from maybe it's about time I'd post the picture of my favorite Bernini angel.

This is one of the angels on the bridge of the angels in Rome, in front of castle St. Angelo (the Vatican's fortress).

I always loved his perfect features and therefore modeled Kane, Quoque and Josh's face (who look very much alike, being brothers) on this guy here.

Well, he looks very androgynous that's because, supposedly, this is what is called an ideal Greek beauty (if you notice some of the Buddha statues also follow this canon of beauty and perfection).

I thought that, if I wanted a Balthasar to be perfect, his beauty should also be canonic and perfect, right?

Anyway, whenever I pass under this statue I always dance like a pigeon in love going frrrrr frrrrrr, with heart shaped eyes.

And hey, tomorrow is update day! Yay!

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