Monday, October 10, 2011

Back to Work!

Alright, finally back to old schedule, it's time to list all the things I must do in the next few weeks.

- Front and Back cover to volume 5
- Cover to chapter 17
- translate the first 16 pages of chapter 16 in Italian
- render the rest of chapter 16 (already lettered in English BTW)
- start thinking about the new calendar (right?)
- plan new little games.
- finish the mermaid illustration... oh, but first... borrow a wacom tablet from school or I cannot do any of the above.

This is my thumbnail study of the cover for volume 5. Mostly color and pose. I need to add some Klimt like texture and I wonder if I should give Pea a fancier hairdo :D.

Btw remember when we played with the real beauty? Would you like to play the same game but with voices?
What kind of voice or whose voice do you associate with the characters?

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