Tuesday, October 18, 2011

calendar work in progress...

So tonight get ready for update! :D
The flash version of the chapter will be up at around 8pm Singapore time.

Also I will fix chapter 15 with the correction to the last typos and will put it for download in the download section.

I just wanted to say that I finished compiling the volume and am currently working the freetalk. Are there any question you would like for me to address in these freetalk at the end of the volume? Otherwise I'll just talk about the usual games and the fan art received :D

Also I found the missing Foxy and Lio that I was supposed to upload yesterday. I did not rename it twice... I simply misplaced it LOL.

The poll to pick the design of the calendar is still up.
Let me know which version you would like to have for download and print.

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