Saturday, April 02, 2011

Updates on updates

Remember this update? I am going to update you on that update.

Update on the poll.
The Real Beauty Game is still open... spread the word around to your friends, alright?

Since my last post this is what happened:

162 votes for Westley (the first guy leading the competition)
159 for Foxy (the first guy leading the competition)
159 for Quoque (the first guy leading the competition)
156 for the girls (the first girl lead by one vote)
155 for Cat (the first guy leading the competition)
152 for Kane (the first guy leading the competition)
113 for Martin (the first guy leading the competition)

I see a trend here... the first person leading the competition XDDDD.

Again there are also people who voted "others", who proposed alternatives that will be taken into consideration as soon as this poll closes. (I am going to give you guys some more time to have fun with this).


Update on the themes proposed.

I've received a lot of suggestions... *_*

1) 5 senses (already produced)
2) costume party (we could probably used linked to the set of new fan art, as soon as I am done with the old one) sounds like a lot of fun.
3) Placing the characters into movies.
4) Pregnancy.
5) We haven't seen Foxy and Cat's cabin so it was suggested that I might show that.
6) The five elements (this one is quite cool too) btw Chiya if we use the Chinese elements... wood would be the 5th one - that's cool.
7) 7 deadly sins (I was actually contemplating this theme next... we need 7 couples... guess what? We have 7 couples LOL) but this one might be huuuuge. So I need time to plan it.
8) The characters as kids... I wanted to do this for very long time I had started with Kane but the complexity of the thing I had planned was too much for my poor rendering skills and it completely blew in my face. I'll think of something simpler... to do with pencil and little rendering. I'll definitely want to tackle this again (octopus I shall tame you).
9) Favorite food.
10) a big party (this will actually come in the story, you have to see pirates party XDD)
11) Cross over with other pirates (would bring me enemies I'm afraid)
12) Something with fireflies.
13) Durian (ehi, no fair, I wanted to do a fanfic with that)

and I am sure I am missing some suggestions that also came afterwards... but feel free to drop some more.

Too much text already! I stop here.


Anonymous said...

I would love to know how you do your art (drawing, coloring, photoshop)! I've been looking for something on the blog but I've come up empty handed. Could you direct me in the right direction or give us a blog about it? Thanks!

dedasaur said...

If you look to the right... on the bottom right of the column you'll see a list Useful Yaps...

the very bottom ones are the technical posts.
for example there's a "how to draw a page"

right below you'll also find "how to make a cover" and one about "color scheme"...

Chiya said...

The Chinese elements!? Sure, great idea!
I thought about something else, a sort of what if and I would like to see your characters as deity or getting inside a medieval/fantasy atmosphere.
Those are only other ideas but I think you have already a lot options.