Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little painting and updates

This is a miniature canvas of a few centimeters in height and width.
The medium is watercolor (which is not the best one for canvas but it had an interesting reaction) and graphite pencil.

What you see is an actual photo... mhhh maybe I should take a picture in my office, where I have this thing now, because it's so cute and small.

Anyways, while I show you silly experiment and stuff... I might as well update you on other little things.

Both 25 expression challenge and Fashion Games are still open (not for long though as I plan to have the new clothes in chapter 13 so we'll open polls soon).

Real Beauty Contest:

175 votes for Westley (the first guy leading the competition)
173 for Foxy (the first guy leading the competition)
171 for the girls (there's a tie between the first and the second girl)
169 for Cat (the first guy leading the competition)
167 for Quoque (the first guy leading the competition)
166 for Kane (the first guy leading the competition)
122 for Martin (the first guy leading the competition)

Since the fashion game is ending I'll come up with a new poll soon... related to the new fan fiction/cross dressing theme.

About the fan fiction/cross dressing theme since we are almost done after Little Women...
You can propose any theme you like.
So far I had: the Count of Montecristo, Dante's Inferno, Contemporary clothing (everyday life), the Odylliad, Robin Hood, Shakespeare...
please feel free to propose more.

Only a few things I will not do: vampires (they scare me sh*tless) and elves and fairies because I had to draw them for way too long at work, please understand, it's worse than staring at the color pink 8 hours a day for 6 weeks hahahaha. My reoccurring dream was to pan fry Tinker Bell even though there was aviary going around... I've reach that kind of saturation XDDD.

Fairy Tales are ok.

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