Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some release dates might shift.

It's very hard to do anything with internet today because my wifi is acting funky... it comes and goes and when it connects is super slow.
So I cannot manage to upload any picture.

Sorry, you'll have to do with written post today.

Last night while I was watching a thunderstorm in the distance I was struck by sudden enlightenment. No, I was not hit by it but it gave me such a scare that the sense of surprise and loss of security did not leave me for a while.

Then I thought: for the past two weeks I have been wondering by the final part of the Pirate Balthasar.
In structure I know exactly what it needs to happen but, even though I built toward the accident and storyboarded it... the plot is still forceful on the characters.
I don't like the plot to drive the characters, I like when stories work the other way around.

I thought and thought about it for so long... to the point that I decided to remove that part completely and come up with something different.

For some reason this morning I was browsing through my old portfolio... maybe to see if I could find a new idea in the old ones and I kept thinking about the thunderstorm: I had seen the light and was prepared for the thunder... still, when it came, it had an impact on me.

So bear with me. I found this drawing with one of the original endings, for some reason removed, of the original story and thought that it had that emotion.

The ending of the comic, now, will be different. I will reboard it soon so that I can fix the release dates... or maybe I can just fix them as I go, one week before for the next one...

If all goes well the ending will be like that scary thunder, let's hope I can pull it through.

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