Friday, April 22, 2011

Da Fashion game end and polls.

Alright people, it's time to end Da Fashion Game today.

Now, some of our games are always open and ongoing... but see these clothes here need to show in chapter 13, which is the first chapter of volume 4. I am only 10 pages away from the ones where I need to show the new clothes in colors... so it's about time we start voting!

I'll close the poll on the day where I actually sit down to color the splash one the actual comic page... I'd say in about 20 days. So you need to spread the word really fast to your friends and fellow readers so that we can have plenty of votes!

The important thing here is NOT picking a rendering... but a color scheme! Now some of these a colored in pencil so you need to think of a softer nuance of the same color, work a bit with your imagination.

Also because the drawings were left loose on purpose, the participants were able to modify the clothes a bit and be creative with their ideas.

And last, but not least, I will leave an option "other" open because sometimes we like the color of one set of clothes but then this person had this wonderful ideas about the shoes or the sleeves or the pants. So you can vote a combination of ideas.

So I hope we are clear, we are voting on: colors, creative ideas and/or a combination of them.

Here we go, have fun!

P.s. All the images are clickable and can be enlarged! :D

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