Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hooking up

5th Fan Fictional concept - putting the cast of TPB in other stories.
Some of you already saw this on Deviant Art.

Kane as Peter Pan and Castalia as Wendy 11 (13%) was changed into Castalia as the Pan hooking up with hook!
(although the book is from the early 1900 I used the timeframe of the Pirate Balthasar, so he is wearing XVII century clothes... also she is wearing a dress made of leaves and spiderwebs - closer to the original description of the original Peter Pan)

I always rooted for Hook! ^^"... all my love shows here.

I got the starry sky here

The pixie dust... that's original Disney standard according to styleguide (old school though, right now, pixie dust rains down)! ^__^

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Unknown said...

(Sorry if I end up posting twice)
I thought of the musical version of it, where Mary Martin's Peter, posing as a mysterious lady, was leading the hapless captain on a merry chase through the woods when I saw this...