Saturday, April 30, 2011

The OC Game.

It was proposed by one of our newest crewmember, hopefully it will be fun for all.

Create an original character to be featured as a cameo in The Pirate Balthasar.

In short someone that would say a line, do something, say hello to mama... that kind of stuff. A new crewmember o someone the crew would meet when they land next time around.
It could be anything: male, female, adult, child, animal... if you come up with a good line it will be used as well.

Be creative and have fun.

I ask of you to follow just two simple rules:

1) Pick a realistic and not anachronistic look and name for your character (I have to research quite a bit for this comic XDDD);

2) Please stay in line with the story (meaning: if you pick a dragon I cannot really introduce a dragon in the story unless we are talking about Fickle dreaming of being a bigger lizard... XDDDD) I mean I can work with a lot of things, so you can make it pretty challenging, but let's not push it towards aliens or mythological beings, hahahaha.

We'll work on this for two months (until the end of June) that's more or less when we'll reach the second island in our story.

Have fuuuun!

Things not allowed:
1) Copyrighted materials that do not belong to you. (I don't want to go to prison ;_;)
2) Cross over with characters from other comics unless the author gives permission to use them. (I don't want to go to prison ;_;)

Things allowed:
1) Designing a character mentioned in the comic but never seen clearly before (somebody from the past, for example)
2) Description in writing form (if you don't know how to draw you can enter a description and a character bio).

The winner will have to undergo some minor changes, my apologies when this will happen, but you have to consider one thing: because I will have to draw them in the story... you know, ah, that's how I draw so I might not be good at keeping it the way you draw it and stay in style with your style, sorry! ^^"


Asuka said...

Hi, I was just wondering how we should sumbit the entries for this. It sounds like a really fun contest and I would love to enter; I just don't know how to send my picture to you!


dedasaur said...

Hi Asuka,
there are several way.
You can post a link here.
You can submit on Deviant Art or Facebook or you could email me at: dedadaniels(at)

I hope to receive your submission soon :D