Friday, April 01, 2011

Chapter 11 final curiosities.

I am not really going to explain any curiosities this week (except maybe that Lio was skipping and not running and that the chase scene was timed to this piece of music here).

What you are seeing in this release is the first stand before an Independence War.
The first step toward independence is taken when you say "no" instead of "yes" to something that's been told to you (and you don't agree with).
Of course, there are many things to be taken into consideration, including will I be better and did I see this from every possible point of view.... but once you choose it's your choice and you will live with it for the rest of your life.

So apparently for Lio and Calli the choice is pretty simple. Didn't even have to think about it.
Lio has someone who loves her, now...

You can't beat that. Not to mention she can work close to a doctor and is learning so many things she likes.

She is also not being judged for her "frivolous" behavior as Kane refused to find a solution to what he deems not to be a problem... but let the girls talk about it amongst themselves and find a solution to what they deemed to be a problem.

Callista... she has feet she can run with, now... comfy shoes... and she has a voice to express her opinion.
She definitely decides to use them both.

Saying "no" and running away are the same thing to her.

The doctor never had a single doubt about where his heart was and where he should be standing... he never had a single doubt about where he wanted Cassandra to be (on his shoulder, apparently LOL).

All of this is going to explode in Pea's hands unexpectedly and it will have an impact on her life... but because she forced people to do what she said, before, she now has to be put in their shoes to be able to understand what she did wrong, don't you think?
So that's what will happen next, for her.

But one more thing I have to say about Independence Wars: they are a bit long and have to be fought on multiple sides... they also have representative figures and they spread to others fast and easily.

In our case we'll have to deal with Kes and the Aunties an little longer in the next chapter (13 more pages), in order to fight against every single thing we need to fight against: what they think about life, marriage, love and status... in short is a small battle girl vs. society.
Kes would be the reluctant Robespierre of the situation, who could have guessed, and the things she will say will leave an impression... and their echo will last very long.

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