Thursday, April 07, 2011

Release anticipated!

Yes I miscalculated my page (or better yet, I fixed the layout) so it's 12 not 13 pages... hence... the release will be out one day in advance.

My shallalas are happy, aren't they? XDDD

Before I update you on her other fan art (related to her fan fiction, "crackpot groupies" - by the way if you haven't read it... it's in the fan fiction page... truly hilarious!)... we need to give elianthos what rightfully belongs to elianthos', which is her primacy on drawing the shallalas ^^".

This was a DA Muro... attached to I cannot remember what message, nor can I remember the reason why I earned such a Muro XDDD and seriously... it scared me!

Look at those lips oooooh, O_O my auntie has those lips with the same exact lipstick... she would plant a kiss on my cheek and there would stay, lipstick and kiss, for years to come, like a tattoo of shame!
I don't know if her kissing with unforgiving bright pink lipstick was worse than her pinching... but my cheeks planned to run away and packed a suitcase every time they saw her. Her name is Rose, by the way.

Did you find some familiar images in this childhood memory of mine? LOL
I thought so!

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