Friday, April 15, 2011

Linearts in color

I am always happy to see some of you pick up some of my linearts and color them.... because I suck at coloring, honestly, things always come out blurry and soft.
I guess that's what you get for being one eyed (I'm a true pirate, should get an eyepacth for my blind eye XDD).

This masterpiece (some of you already saw on Facebook) is by Kanako91.
Please follow the link and go leave a nice message under her drawing on deviant art because she did a fantastic job coloring Balthasar and Andromeda.

As I was mentioning yesterday, some releases have shifted earlier and the blog will undergo a make over soon because the column are getting way too long and google does not like duplicate contents (even if it's on the same website and from the same author).

I am currently on page 26 of chapter 12 and drawing the next issue....

Tha panic ensues... I still have no idea of how I want the cover of volume four, with Lio, to look like. It should not be anything classic... any contemporary illustrator tickles your imagination?

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