Sunday, January 06, 2013

One more Secret Santa

The last secret santa is having serious problems at the moment but we received the second to last secret santa.

 And one may say last but not least... or something.

Are you familiar with the work of Lorenzo Lotto?

Then you might recognize the Diagonal cat in the picture. XD
This is one of my favorite paintings, the person who draw this fanart knows I have a strong love for the Diagonal cat in that painting.

I always liked this because even though is dramatic and beautifully done, it got some sense of humor. God always looks like he wants to give the Virgin Mary a karate chop, the Angel dances a tarantella and the Virgin Mary is raising her hands in a typical Italian fashion with a facial expression that goes : "Holy Mary mother of God!" to which the angle replies: "that you are!"

Now the cat in the painting acutally represent the devil, as I explained some times ago to explain why Wes is a dog person and not a cat person.
So the Devil runs away in front of Mary and the Angel.
but how the Diagonal Cat came to be?
I was once to explain my friends that my neighbors cat is kinda crocked.
I talk to my neighbor and she runs in the background all crocked, she sleeps crocked and sit leaning like the tower of Pisa.

So I couldn't find words enough to express this thing and I said: she's a diagonal cat. they still couldn't understand how and that's when I said: I know, it's like the Lorenzo Lotto cat. And now Lorenzo Lotto's cat has become diagonal too.

But you know I seriously want to have the Diagonal cat run for election one year and I started making false slogans for her election because quite frankly if I have to be governed by something crocked, at least I can see how crocked they are when the run.

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