Friday, January 04, 2013

Important message.

Hi guys, first of all, if you are all happy and satisfied with your secret Santa, please leave your thanks here (So I can also post them around in other places and show signs of appreciation to the people who made your present).

 Second of all starting tomorrow and for about a week I will be busy with Open House - I hope I won't have to skip any update but just so you know if I am late like the other morning is also because I am having health issues again.
 Funny thing when you live alone, if you faint, nobody will wake you up and so you end up spending one hour on the floor of your bedroom (quite the adventure that was).

 so Because of that I was thinking of asking for you help to organize something nice for our third year anniversay, coming up very soon.

 I am opened to suggestions as long as they don't imply extra work for me because I am literally dying hahahaha (well not literally but I better be careful).
 Thank you for understanding, Deda

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