Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All I have - part 3 - page 20

I always really like bromance. It's something that it's getting lost.
My dad and his best friend are the cutest thing ever, they always go places together, plan the craziest adventure together... the fun part is that my dad is 75, his best friend is younger but he is blind, so they really do get into crazy adventures.
They call each other once a day, minimum, and whenever my dad's friend calls I always tease them: dad, it's your girlfriend!
They giggle a bit and they start plotting.

I've always though that a best friend is a kind of person that would call her husband/or his wife withs his/her friend's name. It happens to my two friends to call their hubbies Deda.
Of course it also happens that I get called with the hubbies names.

In a way when you have a best friend and you are married it's like you have both a husband and a wife hahahaha.
So for Kane and Wes I wanted to create this kind of relationship: they may be married and with kids and dig girls and stuff... but they also have each other hahaha.
It's a different kind of love story :D

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