Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All I have - part 3 - page 16

This story takes place around the years where the circulatory system was "discovered".
So here you see young Wes cite the name of the famous doctor who did discover that blood is vehicular and wrote the first about the circulatory system ever.
Before that there were strange belives about the body be filled with different humors and blood letting was believed to be the best way to lower the fever and cure many many illnesses.

But after the pubblication of the essay by Harvey many other doctor/researcher/scientist started experimenting with the circulation of blood. For example they started realizing that certain substances have immediate effect on the body if injected intravenously.
The first attempt to blood transfusion took place around these years too but it would take 200 years before blood transfusion would become successful.
Lacking the knowledge of blood types most experiments failed resulting in the death of the patient.

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