Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's vote again! :D

Hi guys,
this special is about to end so, before it ends (because I need time to prepare for the next story) let's bring up the polls again.

The last time 182 of you voted and proposed new ideas.
I thank you all.

so this time around there's a new entry 

The first story in the poll belongs to the Next Generation (like Daddy Home for Christmas) but also to the Project Balthasar because it was requested so you'd get to see the kids again, this time around Andromeda would also be around, and Martin and Pea.

The second story belongs to Before the Pirate Balthasar, we saw how Kane met all the boys except Martin, so this is the story of how Kane and Wes befriended Martin.

The Librarian is part of Project Balthasar, it takes place right before Castalia comes back to Kane (and we do see her come back with a little surprise)... right after How to Steal a Ship that actually happens while Castalia is away.

Circes also takes place while Castalia is away and marks the entry (or the return) of our super villain Circes the mahara (the evil witch).

Badia is sort of a break for kane and castalia, as they visit Sicily.

While the durian story takes place on this side of the world - the one I live in - so it will have a lot of mysterious South East asians fighters, ghosts, forbidden fruits and cultural barriers. 

You get to see Callista as a pirate in Circes, Badia and The Librarian. 

As for genre most of these are comedies, romantic comedies, there's a murder mystery/comedy and adventure/romance.
Nothing too serious like All I have.

Don't forget that you can always request. 

Or referring to the post  "Recap of the recap" express your preference on the story you would like to read next.

A democratic crew decides together the destiny of their ship!

 Thank you :D

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