Thursday, March 17, 2011

theme proposal and updates

First of all a reminder... voting for the Real Beauty Game is still open.
Look to your left, you will see in the column links that will take you directly to the polls for each character.

On average 140 people participated in the game (well, it's not an average the numbers go from 101 for Martin to 147 for Westley who is, currently, the most voted real beauty).

Here is how it goes:
147 votes for Westley
145 for Foxy
144 for Quoque
143 for Cat
141 for the girls
138 for Kane
101 for Martin

Martin lacks in vote is probably due to the fact that six votes were lost when the test broke and I had to recreate it... Kan is clearly due to the fact that nobody up there still match our imagination so we'll have to look better (in fact he is the one who received the most: "I don't like the choices" comments in the "other" field).

Also the guys chosen for Quoque look too old for him... so try to imagine them at 15. ^^" I cannot really post underage people in my blog without google getting my ass for parental permission.

We also got new proposal so we'll have a second round of this game... soon. :D


Now... talking about the theme proposal:

I am currently working on more than 8 project at the same time so... I have to admit it my noodles are fried and I cannot think of themes for the quick illustrations.

Alright, maybe it's better if I start from the beginning.
The extra illustrations and freebies I create go in 3 different ranges of time I spend on them:
1 hours, 3 hours and 5 hours.

in 1 hour I create: the chapter covers; the illustrations sets like "too darn hot", "song and dance", "breakfast", "boys pin ups" and so forth; cubee, paper dolls and other freebies.

in 3 hours I create: more rendered illustrations with background like "her special day" "girls pin ups" and some of the completed fan arts, or something like the covers for volume 1.

in 3 hours I create: Volume covers and some of the fan arts like the Musketeers (the background took time) and red hot riding hood.

As you can see the girls pin up and the fan arts go into the category that requires a lot of time and I can produce only in a few days (because I can only spend a certain amount of time per day on TPB).

What I ran out of... is ideas and themes for the quick ones, like breakfast and song and dance...
in short I am saying: I accept requests!


GreenLemon said...

Don't know why, but the words "hide and seek" and "costume party" popped into my head. Will think about other ideas and post them later.

Vulpini said...

OOH Requests! *D*
What if you drew them at a dance? Or I really like GreenLemon's idea of a costume party!

Or maybe you could continue to place them in fanart like roles, like modern movies, or something. I'll see if I can think of any new ideas as well!

GreenLemon said...

Let's see ..
Hubbys and pregnant wives.
games with their children.
I would love a sketch of Cat and Foxy's rooms on board (keep trying to picture what it reveals about them).

(Love the question. Thanks for asking us.)

Chiya said...

For the theme proposal I thought about air, fire, water, stone and uhm light or energy,; i know the elements are only foru but I thought was fun. Other proposal are deadly sins (something sexy ;P), character's portraits when they are children...
I will think about something else...


Anonymous said...

What they do in their rest time on board...
Their fav food?
party on the ship! Would be nice to see a pic of all them interacting as we've been seeing them in pairs :s <-- that's just the single in me being jealous hahaha
Them watching potc on telly! Haha

Ok the above is not really request more like suggestions :)

Anonymous said...

How about The cast meeting the cast from other pirate movies, the princess bride, potc, treasure planet!! What would they say haha