Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hip Hip Polls Hurray!

Alright, I didn't expect to see so many people voting. Thank you.

Currently my drawing is slowing down due to a certain training class (that unfortunately was not designed for Art School, even though the lecturers are fantastic people... but their stuff just won't apply for a practical artistic school)... Unfortunately I come back home completely drained. Thank God I draw ahead of myself like crazy so I can afford slowing down!!!

Also the big Fusion Show is on... so today was like... 8 am to 10pm.
What's a fusion show? It's the diploma show of our students... if you want to check out some of their works please come and visit the website.

I waited to draw this part of the story for so long... and now I am not enjoying it because I got suck in this useless training thing, sigh! Sorry if my drawings seem to be all over the place.

I am able to doodle in class though so be prepared, tomorrow, to see what boredom does to me XD


Back to the polls!

The most voted poll is: my ideal Westley!
Some of you proposed alternatives... so we might organize a walk off between the winner of the poll and the new proposed real beauty! *_*
Or we could create a brand new challenge: here's the champion... find the challengers! Could be fun, right? XDDD

Thank you for voting and please spread around the news that we are voting! *_*

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Scarlett said...

yeeee :__D nuovo sondaggio! Il successo del dottore è assolutamente giustificato :__D