Monday, March 28, 2011

Tha Fashion Game: second and third entry

We have two more entries for the fashion game, today.

The first one is from Sopeck and the second one from Rachele.

I can see that Kes' shirt is almost a constant already and Castalia is going more and more into Kane's colors :D

So nice, eh? So many participants in so little time!
I hope to see more so that we could have big polls!

I am guessing it might be hard to vote for the whole sheet, maybe we like one dress more than another in each set...
So I'm contemplating voting for the individual girls and opening 5 polls. What say you?


Lady Eos said...

Ahahah noto come alcuni colori ritornino nelle idee di tutte :D

Myridd said...

I really wish I knew what your comment said. -_-

dedasaur said...

she repeated what I said in the post: I noticed that some colors are reoccurring in everybody's drawing. :D