Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pifo Gaga over the Rainbow

Sorry this might go on Facebook twice but to repeat is never wrong XDD

Alright! I finally managed to develop the 4th Fan Fictional concept - putting the cast of TPB in other stories - here's: Pifo Gaga over the Rainbow

As you may recall this one was: Pifo as Dorothy and the guys... going to see the Wizard of Oz voted by 15 (18% of the voters).

The Peter Pan and Wendy might come first... also because I changed my mind on it... as in... I'm using Hook and Peter Pan instead! XDD You'll see it's quite strange! XDD

So... let's play another little game... who are they?


Vulpini said...

As someone from Kansas, I approve of this greatly. X3

GreenLemon said...

Deda, who are who? I don't quite understand what you are refering to.

dedasaur said...

who is who? - is actually the question XD The tin man... the cowardly lion... who is who?

Anonymous said...

Pifo is FABULOUS!! Totally gorgeous as a Queen!
I love how emo Foxy looks with the liner and makeup. Cat as the lion looks fierce! But not exactly cowardly xD
I love the Doc's expression, I'm particularly fond of his jutting jaw. And Kane as Toto is just amazing. Would never have thought of him for that role =D