Sunday, March 20, 2011

Greetings I've forgotten

I am way behind on a lot of greetings.
The first one is for St. Patrick's day!
Two day later: greetings... from one Irishman to all Irishmen out there, Captain Steeves wishes you all to have fun on the greenest day of them all! (btw he is the Irishman not me, that came out wrong) XD

March 19th is Saint Joseph... which happens to be father's day in Italy... so here we go: auguri a tutti i papà. Happy father's day!

Last thursday it was also a big anniversary for Italy, her (yes, Italy is a lady) 150th birthday.
I am preparing something for that too but I will post it far from the actual date to avoid stupid polemics (yes, Italians are like that: when they need to party they throw serious sh*t at you and when you have to do serious things they party then complain about nothing getting done... they need to straighten their thinking a bit XD).

But let's not forget that our Pirate is Sicilian... therefore he is Italian and I am pretty sure he'll love to celebrate his roots. So wait for his patriotic, btw there's nothing wrong with being a bit patriotic, illustration... it will be green, white and red!

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