Friday, March 11, 2011

The product of boredom

I will not survive this training course!!!!
Actually the worse is probably gone.... and I might have not survived it if it continue for another week.
Thank God it was only five days!

Anyways... being unable to draw for 3 straight days (I only managed to produce 1 page of the comic) made me feel so sick, so sick and stressed... that I would not sleep at night and would wake up in the morning with my guts in a knot.

The first 3 days were like.... super tiring.
This guy would come in and talk talk talk! Gave you notes and tell you: read them.
I'm fine... I do the same (but I do go through the notes at least once).... but not to that extent.

He said that to keep people interested you need to tell them stories. I do that too... but his stories were not funny and some of them very localized and not explained.
So they did not make sense to me.

Also I think you need to know how much of storytelling you can include and how much of lecture needs to be achieved.
Out of 8 hours he would talk for 6, make us do one or two activities, the remaining 5 hours he would talk... of himself.

Don't get me wrong... super nice person! I adore him... a bit self celebrative (I do this, I do that, they tell me I'm good type)... but super nice. At one point I kept going to the bathroom to give my brain a rest!

I talk a lot too... but to me story and talking ratio to showing is 1/3 and the one often includes the activities and Q/A! Or I talk to comment what I show.
If I were to talk for 3 straight hours I would not have my vocal chords anymore.

At least the last two days... were more standard... but there were more activities and labs and I was able to draw cuz I did not have to stare at the man telling stories.

Overall, though, even if it wasn't very useful to me, who teach in a practical school... I will definitely give the course super positive feedback: it worked wonderfully for the rest of the lecturer there with me!
There's nothing wrong with the course! SIDM is simply a different kind of school. School of Interactive Digital Media... that's what we are. We don't do no math test!
So definitely the course is fantastic, my feedback will go into the school suggestions... in a month or so... to let them know that, probably, for SIDM lecturer they might want to consider another solution, including internal training.


Anonymous said...

Pretty baby!! Whose is it? The first that came to mind was 1 of Dr Fynn & Kes's 14 kids XD

dedasaur said...

the first of many XDD