Wednesday, March 09, 2011

25 expression challenge, second entry

This one looks like a tough game to play.
But tell you what... GreenLemon sent me a list and I copied and paste the thing for her... so you don't have to go through the trouble of making the thing yourselves.

She is a CXC fan so you'll see only Cat and Callista. (I think I might have gotten some of them wrong, sorry, forgive me some of the pages you gave me actually had Wes in it).

So here's our second entry for the 25 expression challenge! :D

here are the changes required:

I'll leave the question mark on drunk until you tell me what to put there. ^__^


GreenLemon said...

Thanks so much for doing this for me. I'm encouraged to see it. I felt guilty giving you more work.

Only see two word changes - I think 'Drunk' should be 'Embarrassed'. And 'Ill/Nauseous' is 'Creeped Out'. And my mistake on 'Despondent' - it should have been page 27, not 28. When her face when he told her 'not into family'.

Unknown said...

Maybe she meant to switch the "pout" and "drunk" expressions, too...

dedasaur said...

But there is no embarrassed and creeped out on the list O_O now I am confused... I have to adapt to the meme!

GreenLemon said...

Since Cat and Callista haven't had as much negative there was no 'Drunk' or 'Ill/Nauseous' for them so I found other emotions and listed those as substitutes. From what I can tell you took two of my substitutes, 'Embarrassed' and 'Creeped Out'. So, yes, I was hoping to change the words on the page. (I think the first sender did the same thing. She just did it herself.)
No, Thalia, I made the mistake on 'Despondent/Pout' and sent the wrong page number. She just did what I said (which was wrong - oops).

dedasaur said...

No, she did not change them... she just used more characters but stick to the meme. She pasted the thing herself but used the meme as it is, that's why I got confused with the extra words XDDD
Here's a link:

I just took the closest thing to drunk from your expression selection.

GreenLemon said...

Let's just leave 'Drunk' blank then.

Thanks so much for fixing this for me.

I am trying to do another using the print, cut and paste method. We'll see how well that works for me.