Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The names!

We are going to have 5 girls with peculiar names in this story, they all start with a C and they all have Greeks origins.
Eventually I boy will show up... with the same characteristic, but this will happen very far into the story.

I will not reveal soon why the girls have these names and so you stay with the fact that they grew up in a small Greek island, they do speak Greek and have a Greek upbringing.
Of course nothing is never what it looks like.

This is the reason why, here, I am going to explain HOW I chose these names and why. :D

It all started with...
Castalia : who risked to be called Sibyl. That is because every time I get to go to the Sistine Chapel... I stuck my nose up and look at her: the Delphic sibyl. Then one thought led to another... why call her sibyl? Why not making her the sibyl? She could be from Delphi! But then again Sibyl is not a very Greek name. So I went and studied a bit about Delphi and there I found the coolest story ever: Castalia was a nymph and Apollo wanted to kidnap her, but she fled and drowned in a spring. Another version say that Apollo turned her into a spring, the Castalian Spring, who has the power to inspire all those who drink its waters.
We have a kidnapping here and my girl needed to be inspiring. So I thought: Castalia has a nice ring to it. - and Castalia was.

As the spine of the story progressed and I decided to create gags and misunderstandings... the other girls were born and I needed names for them too. I was once listening to a radio program and found out the guy talking was named Calisto. You know... Piedi/Feet was already Piedi/Feet in my head. She is based off of my best friend in Italy and... Calli - in Italy - means corn (you know, the ones you get on the feet) and the callista is a chiropodist. The pun on words tempted me. And Callista was born.
The original name is actually Calisto, she was a huntress, loved by Zeus. The name means "most beautiful". Another perfect Greek name and now I had Castalia and Callista.

So two names with C's... what about the other girls? They needed a perfect Greek names beginning with C as well, right?

Calliope: we all know who Calliope is, she is one of the Muses and Orpheus' mom. She inspired Homer to write Iliad and Odyssey. Her name means "she has a beautiful voice". Although in my story Calliope sounds quite monotonous and has a vocation for nursing others... she will be quite inspirational at some point so the name was a-okay!

Cassiopea: I needed someone elegant and vain. Oh, Cassiopea, you could not escape from me.
Andromeda's mom caused a big fuss about beauty and elegance, didn't she? She said that she and her daughter were far more beautiful of the Nereids and the Nereids, daughters of Poseidon, got so upset that demanded Andromeda's head... well sort of, there's a flood and an horacle and a seamonster in the story... but in the end she got chained to a rock to be fed to the monster but, lucky for her, Perseus came to her rescue and we all know how the story ends.
But what of Cassiopea after her daughter's happy ending? Well, Poseidon turned her into a constellation, after she died, so that sometimes she would hang in the sky... upside down!

Cassandra: since my Cassandra is a compulsive liar... a creative liar... I needed someone very famous for her. Cassandra, whom nobody believed, was given by Apollo the power to see the future. Well, she could predict the destruction of Troy, for example. Of course nobody believed her because Apollo gave her the powers but did not receive what he wanted in return (lol) therefore, out of spite, he cursed her: you will see things but nobody will believe you.
So she was taken for a fool and a liar.
My Castalia is too creative in her lies and that is the main reason why nobody believes her!

The boy's name is Callimaco... but we'll talk about him when the time comes.


Anonymous said...

Oooh... il background dei nomi, nonché spiraglio su come girano le rotelle dell'autoVa *_* .

Ti dirò , la storia dei calli mi ha fatto lollare XD. Povera ciccia. Al tempo di Carlomagno l'avrebbero apprezzata proprio per le fettone :D.

Yayina90 said...

Ma sapete che la cosa dei calli e del callista l'avevo pensata...però mi sembrava un pò assurda...e invece adesso che sto leggendo i post vecchi ho trovato conferma!!! XD

Unknown said...

Bobo recently raised a concern that made me think, so I'll bring up the topic here: do you mind us giving the girls nicknames? Bobo didn't like the idea of some people calling Castalia "Talia" (since it means cut), for instance, and even thought it would be rude to you... so how do you feel about it?

dedasaur said...

I posted my answer on SJ.
I will probably make a post in the blog.

I cannot prevent you from picking nicknames but I can "not like them", right?

I think what she says it's right, though... I didn't notice but more than one time people got confused.