Thursday, February 18, 2010

Problems fixed.

Someone made me notice that the Issuu link posted here were not working properly. When I went to check out I realized I had put normal html instead of using the special codes for blogger.
I am sorry for the inconvenience... having to follow a link and waiting for it to load can be quite painful.

I hope to find soon a nice alternative to issuu.

In the meantime I close the day on some 23 pages of Balthasar... and the next one will have some sweet moments in it, a wedding the pirate way and the beginning of a new love story... for Pifo! XD

I also already decided on the drawing for the cover and made some sketches... also I am preparing a nice post for Pifo, as his fans deserve to know more about him!
Coming up next, if you were curious about how I came up with the boys' names... I'll write a post about it too.

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