Friday, February 19, 2010


Height: 160 cm (5,2 feet tall)
Age: 17
Hair color: Copper red
eyes color: green

And the Human knowledge

Ah, this guy, if he didn't exist someone should invent him! Yes, unwillingly accomplice to much romance... and comic relief... Pifetto is the stupid cousin our beloved twins - or is he?
He left for school only to return with a despicable pronunciation problem.
Supposedly he is engaged to Castalia but he shows to be more interested in wine than in girls! Also he has a thing for cute, frilly stuff... although his taste is not of the superior kind at all!

He likes to strike dramatic poses to enhance the meaning of his profound sentences. Extremely melodramatic and theatrical, care a lot about making a good impression and is a fan of great entrances.


Anonymous said...

wah, che ciglia flap flap XD *_* .
Mi chiedo se anche il noFtVo comic relief troverà l'ammmmore :p

Breed 107 said...

Lo si può solo amare un personaggio così. Simpaticamente barocco e con difetto di pronuncia, è fatto per essere adorato... oltre che per essere usato come serbatoio comico. E' davvero piffetto XD
Non vedo l'ora di leggere come hai scelto i nomi per i maschietti, tutti gli omaggi che ci sono dietro.