Tuesday, February 16, 2010


32 days to chapter 2!!! I am drawing storyboards like crazy now!
Anyway we have to finish talking about the characters, right?
And next I'll have to leave a little message in Italian, if you don't mind.

Height: 162 cm (5,3 feet tall)
Age: 16
Hair color: ash blond
eyes color: blue

The Vain one!

Yes, she is vain... she is elegant and has refined manners. She is a true lady, won't get corrupted by anything that isn't exactly like she thinks it ought to be. She likes beautiful things, dresses, shoes, jewels, and boys... In Japanese, one would say, she is a Menkui - that is... affected by the beauty of beautiful people!

She never acts on impulse and knows exactly what she is doing, most of the times, of course she has some limits too but, she is very careful and plans ahead. She also gives the wrong impression... but remember: good manners and etiquette come first with this girl! She is strict about them!

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Anonymous said...

mwahahah, questa invece a pelle la detesto cordialmente XD (sarò ben felice di ricredermi e di tifare con fervore per la pulzella, of course. Dall'autrice mi aspetto questo e altro ;) )