Saturday, February 11, 2012

More entries to the game

 We have two more entries today, one with "angels" and one with "vampires".

For those of you who are on facebook you might have seen the vampire one already.

This first Cupid drawing is by elianthos she claims it to be a work in progress and also states she has two more drawings on her way.

Please visit her on deviant art to leave her a message.

And this fantastic graphic piece  is by our friend Briana who posted it on facebook just yesterday.

The ideal Halloween twist!

I have also received a composition by one who may very well be our youngest reader: Valerio, who is only 12.

He wrote this beautiful essay on why he likes the Pirate Balthasar so much, it's in Italian though but I thought it was fantastic! He gets my personal two thumbs up and I am going to send him an original page from the comic.

Time is running out, guys, I hope you are working fast on your pieces. I know I am on mine... so much to do so very little time to do it! (and today is laundry day too hahahaha)

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