Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Happy Birthday Bookmark 1

Alright, somebody asked for bookmarks and I tried my best here.

The bookmark of the day is: Cat.

Nice and bright and yellow, like the sun!

I wanted to put the logo but in the front is a bit too heavy.

Raise your hands if you are interested in actually printing this thing to turn it into an actual bookmark. I shall post the pdf file, front/back, in cmyk and with cropmarks!

So that you can print it on nice shiny bristol or even bring it somewhere to have it laminated (which is something I need to do with mines because otherwise the corner will self destruct themselves like there's no tomorrow).


FRaventhorn said...

*raises hand*

T.Nguuuu said...

MEEE! i'd legit print this and put it in my books, so i can stare at it, but look like i'm reading ^^ cat and foxyyy ♥