Sunday, February 20, 2011

Surprise at Jurong Bird Park!

Alright this is totally unrelated but...
Jurong Bird Park, in Singapore, has opened a new area dedicated to penguins... they have puffins and penguins all the way to the King Penguins (no Emperor Penguins).

When I first went there, in september, it was under construction.

My second visit, yesterday, revealed... this!

So cuuute! Okay, it's super fake but the rigging is pretty nifty looking.

Okay, I think it is the smell of brownies, that you smell throughout the park that keeps you in a good mood... but these parks (the bird park, the zoo and the night safari) not only are well kept but they get prettier and prettier by the year.


Anonymous said...

Penguins? Wow.. I knew we had polar bears but didn't realize that there's penguins. Its kind of embarrassing to admit but I've lived here my whole life yet I haven't been to Jurong Bird Park. I've been to Night Safari & the Zoo a couple of times but not to JBP.

dedasaur said...

You must go, linni, it's so pretty. I love the African aviary thingy... there's a small waterfall inside and the lorries one... cracks me up. Aside from the fact that the lorries will meow and beg for food... there's a suspended bridge and there I found a gliding lizard! *_* Sooooo cuuuute! XDDD

The shows are so much fun... there's a parrot that can sing in mandarin, malay and english!

Anonymous said...

Meow o_O? Ok I'm intrigued XD
One of these days I'll get myself down there. Thanks for the heads up on the interesting highlights!

Anonymous said...

Hey Deda, have you been to Compass Point before?
I live in Sengkang and Compass Point is the main shopping mall in the area. I've been there so many times over the years that I forget about the decor and theme of the mall. It just occurred to me that you might like it =D

The theme is kinda piratey with the inside architecture of the mall shaped like a ship? The floors have randomly designs of maps and there are some displays of different kinds of sailor knots on the ground level (though the displays are quite dusty XD)

There's also this

Its just a typical shopping mall but I thought you might enjoy it =)

dedasaur said...

Oh, You are not too far from me then! I'm in Ang Mo Kio... mhhh... it looks interesting... I should go check it out. Might be good reference for drawings.

Anonymous said...

You can take bus 86 from the AMK bus interchange. Its a direct bus to Compass Point's bus interchange =)