Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Song and Dance for Pea.

I wanted to keep this one for later... but my week is such that I have left not time whatsoever to draw... in fact I'm a bit behind in my being ahead.

Do not fear! Releases shall not be postponed!

This is the fifth illustration for our Song and Dance set.
Now for Martin and Pea, the song that comes to mind, when I have to draw their story, is a Rodgers and Hammerstein's song from Cinderella: do I love you because you're wonderful.
It's cheesy and at the same time epic.

Incredibly melodic and catchy. I always thought the lyrics were the cutest thing ever for a story such as Cinderella (the whole musical is simply adorable). The song is perfect and ironic!


Anonymous said...

This couple hasn't interacted in the comic yet, but somehow I'm falling in love with them based off your illustrations =)
Pea's expression is so soft and loving & Martin is like a awkward yet gentle giant with her. A far cry from the last time we saw him earlier on in the comic. They're really really lovely ^^

Unknown said...

From what I've researched of the computer game Dragon Age: Origins, I get the feeling you could probably liken Martin to Alistair...

dedasaur said...

I don't like games! ^^"

But it's a good suggestion for people who do like them.

Chiya said...

Finalmente qualche immagine romantica anche per Pea, è il mio personaggio preferito e aspetto trepidsante sviluppi amorosi anche per lei!!!