Thursday, February 03, 2011

gone in 30 seconds!

Last week I got stuck in a meeting whose topic was only specified at the end of the meeting... therefore it sounded like Ottoman Turk to me. Me and my friend Nopp sat in the back... she was drawing elephants as usual and I was drawing pirates. (she made an elephant version of Kane and Castalia from one of my poses, I want thaaat)

At one point she started copying one of my drawings... LOL... it took her 30 seconds to do the red sketch on the top left corner... see? From what she could barely see of my work in progress to the bottom... see? (mine took 3 minutes, as usual). Disney artists are truly amazing (and maybe a bit crazy too)! XDDD

You might have realized that some of the pages I'm uploading these days are being re-touched a lot because they don't quite make sense. I am killing myself over this past releases and I found myself working on the same pages over and over wasting time too.
Sentences don't make sense and I have doubts about dialogues and drawing and stuff...
I even realized I had switched two panels around.

I will touch up everything and fix it by March 6th and after March 6th I will start making sense again because I will be able to focus on what I do.

Fact is... my parents are here and even if I sit in front of the computer and work on the comic... chances are you might find sentences such as "did you ask Grace?" instead of Castalia or Cassandra.
My parents are here... and my mom likes the sound of her own voice a lot XDD So I work with this constant cececece blabbering that I try to camouflage as background noise but every once in a while she expect me to answer her questions and so her words infiltrate my ears and I cannot hear my own thoughts anymore.

On the other hand my dad asks me constantly questions to have stuff translated with his bobobobo cvoice and my languages got mixed up.

Plus I got the flu and I am stuck at home for two days with this continuous cecececece and bobobobobo sound... a sore throat, cough, running nose and splitting headache... and no chance to go enjoy Chinese New Year!

So I got them on Facebook and they are finding pictures of people so at least they talk to each other and I can still try to isolate the cececece and bobobobo as a background noise.
It's still tough though... it takes me 4 hours to do things I usually do in 1 hour.

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