Thursday, December 06, 2012

Writing Tips - Drawing tips

Hi, we now have a section dedicated to the writing and drawing tips I've posted in this blog along the two and half years it has been opened.
This is the index to those posts:
(please report broken link if any)

Writing Tips Index
1) Know your story
2) What if...?
3) Theme and thesis
4) The In and Out of storytelling (the dream)
5) Memorable and Meaningful
6) Target
7) A narrative tone
8) A storyteller
9) Call back and reincorporations
10) Dream vs Conflict 
11) The Hero's Journey
12) Three Acts Structure (NEW!!!)

Drawing tips

1) Why love your sketchbook
2) Color Schemes
3) How to make a page - version 1 (pencil)
4) Watercolor tutorial
5) Drawing a comic page - version 2 (pen and prismacolor)
6) Outdoor sketching
7) How to make a cover
8) How to paing a page - version 3 (completely digital)

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