Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Secret Santa - round 2

Dear Secret Santa,

I would like to have...

 1) A picture of Martin and Pea:

2) A picture of Cat and Callista:

3) A poem/song about Pifo and his daily life:

With innocent look
his journey continues,
now living now being reborn.

Everyday as if it were the first one,
full of marvels,
everything is new, out there.

Never seen before shapes
capture his attention
and of the hidden treasure,
so delicate, pure
yet magnificent and incorruptible,
only him
can see a trace of.

 In the sun he smiles
and becomes lover of the air
as he discorvers
the intimate beauty of every thing,
shy but strong
and of every flower, the essence.

 Gentle master
who skims with sweet and warm hand
the bursting fire
of which nobody else
can feel the warmth.

But there's not time now
it's late,
the steps become quick,
tormorrow awaits for him
and of this magnificent vision
he carries the memory.
Everything else flies away,
in a quivering rustling of wings.

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