Saturday, November 10, 2012

Making of - All I have!

The making of a comic always starts from the storyboard:

After which I draw a rough version of the drawings with cool-erase blue-red-green and then ink it using either a ball point pen or a g-pilot pent.

After I am done inking the lines I erase the red pencil lines.

I do the rendering in Prismacolor black... it's a colored pencil but very soft.

Then I scan in the pages in grayscale and open Photoshop.
I place the images in the page and turn the layers to multiply to see through.

I adjust my panels to the correct size. they are drawn with the object too, set to multiply and have a drop shadow.

I use the panels to mask the drawings by selecting them from the path menu and then loading the selection tool and applying a mask.

After that I merge the drawings in one layer, they get back to normal opacity so I have to set it back to multiply, throw an overlay of brown and apply to the drawings' layer.

After that I pick a soft brush and with the panels masked I start painting the background first.
I paint them and texture them in full opacity.

 But once I am done I turn the opacity down to 61% (for this particular special it's the value I chose for the Background)
After that I pick a brush with hard edges and color the characters. Flat.
So after I am done with the colors and all the opacities are turned down...

 ...then I add the shadows.... and the highlights.
One more step to take, which is lettering.
But fundamentally the page is done :D

I hope this answers some of your questions!

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