Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloween trick and treat!

Now down to the solution for the Halloween Joke... So sorry I gave you a trick with the treat... I trolled you a little bit (because of colors and hairdo).
Here are the stupid puns: Pea is the witch (in one episode she looked like one as she was boiling laundy in a cauldron) she has the evil eye and she bewitched Martin in a way. 

Castalia is the mean kitty... fssskkkk.

Lio... was told to have the power to bring anybody back to life with a Kiss (remember when she revived Foxy? There was a joke about that) so she should be queen of the zombieessssss.

I think Callista is easy, she sleepwalks, she is light as a feather, she spent a lot of time in the air and wanted to fly XDDD

Kes is the vampire because she always goes for the neck (hahaha, I know this one is stupid hahaah). 

Okay, aside for the stupid pun for Kes, I am glad you decided to play with me on Halloween and I hope we all had a little bit of fun with it.

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