Thursday, November 08, 2012

Here was the proposal.

 And here are the rules.

We have 7 Secret Santa so far.

we're hoping to get more Santas 

Here are the Pirate Balthasar requests:
1) Cat and Callista art or fanfiction pg13
2) Song about Pifo and his daily life
3) Martin and Pea anything goes.
4) Kane Callista/castalia comic or picture

 Here are the Out Of Context requests (for you, guys I'd propose to have also an alternative request, since this is run on the Pirate Balthasar Website as well and I had people left without Santas last year):

5) A picture of Sara or Selan  Or a Picture of Kane if it's easier
6) A picture of kaguria
7) A picture of Tora 

for those who already entered you might want to adopt one of these requests already or you can wait for a better one

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