Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm back!

I am back, comics will start again very soon!

 I hope the illustrations were enough to keep you company (I worked my ass off to get them ready before I left hahahaha)

Between conferences and festivals and meeting I had a one hour break to go and draw at the temple behind my hotel.

3 years old little girls, started showing up wearing kimonos for
their Shichigosan!

Rushed but wonderful experience, Digicon6 was amazing too!

So many talented animators out there, but not properly recognized I'm afraid (the one I liked did not win and the one who won ... well, was something I have seen many times on youtube before - therefore take advantage of the generational gap with the judges, ppl, they don't live on the internet hahaha)

The most interesting meeting was with Tomioka Satoshi, creator of Usavich, he is a bit blur and that's quite unlucky if you want to work in a money making industry...

I say that because I feel they take advantage of his talent and he is not making a single penny out of his own ideas. His new project is quite delightful Yan Yan Machiko ... but he is basically broke! Sigh!

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