Monday, November 12, 2012

All I have! - page 10

Page 10 concludes the first part of this special "All I have!", that is made of three parts (like movies yaay).

Now I have one good news and a very bad one:
1) I already started on the second half
2) I won't be able to upload anything until saturday because my boss is shipping me to tokyo to participate to Digicon6 all of a sudden and I can only carry my ipad which is still not supported by many websites and stuff. (particularly not Deviant Art) while I'm away

I have two favors to ask:
 1) Spread the luuuuv
2) Keep playing the secret Santa because I will still be able to update the list.

 btw current wishlist is:
 1) Kane and Castalia little comic
2) A picture of Martin and Pea
3) Surprise me! (that's what the person said)
4) I would like to see some ugly pirate who wouldn't be just comic relief or villain. or some really cool landscape scenario, with city explosions and ship battles...

Thank you all for reading and sorry to keep you waiting for so long.

The fact is... I have been swamped by bureaucracy to prepare for this trip and everything collapsed on me (so no Flower and Nose, no Pirate's wife and I only have a few pages ready for Lucerio)... so I prefer to put a pause here at the end of the first part of "All I have" and the do the second half in one go

I hope you won't mind. Once again, sorry,

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