Sunday, January 01, 2012

sketching in Japan

Happy New Year, everyone, I hope your holidays went fine. Mine were just great but are about to end... and I come back from Japan full of colors that I had long forgotten and brand new flavors. Life here is different, yet so familiar, so it all gave me a nostalgic feeling... for them the Year of the dragon (or the dedasaur if you want) started last night... going back to Singapore I will have to wait at least twenty more days for the year of the dedasaur to start. Even though I was running around like crazy I still found a few minutes to sketch... not a lot... a little bit... and it was fun! It felt refreshing! So let me share the things I drew during my long long commutes...


Anonymous said...

Sei in Giappone?Anzi... stai ritornando?
A saperlo ti avrei dato un bel po' di soldini per portarmi tante belle cosette :(
prima o poi anch'io riuscirò ad andarci!

Anonymous said...

the photobucket links are gone gioietta O_O