Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hand game: solution.

Alright, mates, it's time to give away the solution to the hand game.
A lot of you played, some of you got it right too. Not bad, not bad.

So here's the solution from left to right: Lio, Pea, Castalia, Calli and Kes.

Now we're open for discussion... zan zan zaaaaaan!


linni said...

Ahh I was close. I mixed up Calli & Castalia. Its intriguing why Calli & Cat didn't get married.

Perhaps Cat doesn't want her to have his name since he probably got it from his master/father? Maybe he doesn't want her to feel trap and bound to him in a marriage? So many theories~~

Trina said...

Yeah, how come Callista didn't marry Cat? I mean, based on the pics of the future babies, they have Pearl, don't they? and Willy (i read that one in a comment)... so I was wondering how come she is not married?
sorry for the many questions ><

dedasaur said...

Your questions will definitely be answered in the comic. :D

dedasaur said...

Btw Willy is Kane's daughter not Cat and Callista.
There will be a special about her too.

Trina said...

I was afraid of that answer, simply because I feel so impatient! Sometimes, I try not to read it for days that way i have lots to read, but... ugh can't, too good ><.

and about the Willy thing, oops >< i just saw it in a comment on dA, and the pic was of Pearl so yeah... :$

dedasaur said...

Really? Can you tell me which one is it, because that means the description is wrong!

I try to look for it but I cannot find it.

Trina said...

oh, it wasn't a description, it was someone else's comment that I saw, and misunderstood, sorry x$

dedasaur said...

oooh, okay okay... yeah that happens.

I thought I copied and paste without modifying and that happens a lot too hahaha, that's why I got alarmed.