Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remember the voice game? This is my take...

Alright mates, it's time I reveal what I hear in my head when I write the lines for my characters.

Let's start with Martin Steeves. I always heard Roberto Pedicini's voice in my head for him... so velvety.
He is a very famous voice actor, in Italya, when I was a teenager he used to dub Mason (from the soap opera, Santa Barnara, my mom watched everyday). I always liked that character because of his voice.

This is him reading Kafka, so a bit monotone but still so velvety.
My darling Wilson Kane. It's hard to find video of Howard Keel talking instead of singing ha ha ha. As Seven brides for seven brothers and Kiss me Kate are two of my favorite musicals of all times... it's mostly due because of him and his wonderful voice. So here, let me link you to the Sobbin' Women song (I cannot embed it apparently sigh) Now some of you may laugh at my choice for Westley... for I am an absolute sucker for that cute little tenor, jack of all trades, named John Barrowman. I think so many of you are going to get a kick out of this: Foxy. Who is my Foxy? Foxy to me sounds like this Italian singer called Samuele Bersani. Let me find a cute little song for you. Not to mention he has a cute little regional accent in Italian too. Not this might surprise you but... when it comes to Cat, maybe because he is short and tiny, I imagine him with a super deep voice... Antonio Banderas. Ahahahah, I know! Of course you know Puss in the boots so I don't have to add more. Girls... next time! :D

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