Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cassandra Fanart

Fluffy dress FTW!

To think that initially I wasn't even a great fan of plebeian fashion of the XVII century but I am getting more and more into fluffy dresses. Apparently I am not the only one.

So today I received this adorable fan art (I don't know if she is entering the 2nd year anniversary game so I just asked her). She is doing this for her own personal project.

You can go a leave a comment under Mau's drawing here on Deviant Art.

As soon as I have a little bit of time, this week, I shall put the fan fiction we received for the Secret Santa game nicely with a cover and all, like I did for the previous ones.

Since I was in Japan and I was not able to use indesign to fix them and I barely managed to create a pdf to upload. :D

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