Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Springtime for Balthasar

First of all Lio and Foxy as Robin Hood and Lady Marian won the Springlove contest in the Moment of Beauty Group.

I think participation was pretty low though (which is unusual for such a great group) U_U.
But we get a free drawing in return so all is well that ends well! :D


But let's get down to our own little games.

 This time with we're proposing two kinds of activities.

 1) A naming contest 

Rose is having a baby. Baby needs a name. A female one.
Unleash your imagination and help us pick a cool name for her! We'll make a poll for all the proposed names and it'll be decided by popular vote. Pirates vote to decide such things ;D .

2) A Pirate Balthasar Firefox browser skin contest

 Firefox, in case you're not familiar with it, is a free browser software, and one of the most popular and used browsers worlwide.

Firefox works both in Windows, MAC and Linux OS, it's highly customizable and an all-around cool tool to have. A lot of plugins and custom options for Firefox are made by the users themselves and put up on the Mozilla mother site for other Firefox users to dl and cutomize their browser with.

It's a good way to both hone your skills, get recognized and make other people happy XD.

 To make a skin (aka 'Persona') for Firefox you only need a standard graphics program to work on images, like Photoshop, GimP, Paint tool SAI or whatever software you have available, and use a picture... in our case it could be either an official Pirate Balthasar illustration from the comic, or a fanart.

In case you didn't make the fanart, just ask the author permission to use the pic ;D.

In any case, credit the author. It's both netiquette and what professionals do. All you need to know on Firefox skins (from step by step tutorials to examples and catalogue of finished skins) is here :[link]
 and here: [link] 

There's not really a deadline planned for this skin contest... also because after the main TPB story is over there will be the sequels and spinoffs, hence your picks of source images and inspiration for browser skin are endless XD.

 Just go wild and submit and /or link your Firefox 'Persona' to us, somehow, when you are done! :D

Reward an Original Drawing.

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